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  • Sorels
Our secret lies in our attention to detail, ensuring that each steak is handled carefully from farm to fork. We select only the finest steaks, including dry aged USDA certified American steaks.

Dry aging is a process which develops the flavor and tenderness of the meat before it is cut into steaks. To bring diversity to our menu, we have chosen several types of meat with distinct flavor, like the American corn-fed cows that have a sweeter taste and Dutch cows raised on grass for a purely meaty bite. We source fresh, seasonal products for our appetizers and side dishes, which are cooked to perfection by our chefs. To finish the evening, we have an array of truly American desserts for the ultimate indulgence.

Relax at your table as our knowledgeable hosts explain the different cuts and types of beef, or watch our expert chefs at work from the open kitchen where you can almost feel the sizzle. Tuck into a succulent steak of your own or order a family-style table grill to share. Let us help you design your own unique dining experience.